US Supreme Court Curbs EPA on Power Plant Emissions

The US Supreme Court overturned a ruling to limit the ability of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate greenhouse emissions at power plants. The ruling, which reviews West Virginia vs EPA, asserts that only Congress can pass cap-and-trade rules to limit emissions, thus challenging the Biden administration’s net-zero plans, which include a pledge to eliminate power plant emissions by 2035. EPA Administrator Michael Regan expressed disappointment, while Mindy Lubbers, CEO of investor network Ceres said the decision “flies in the face of established precedent and imperils the economy”. Ceres also called on Congress to pass an economic package which includes federal clean energy investments. Danielle Fugere, President of shareholder advocacy group As You Sow, said the decision to restrict the powers of the EPA was “difficult to fathom”. This democratic nation cannot stand under the tyranny of an institution so far removed from the needs of the society they claim to serve and so willing to ignore precedent and clearly stated Congressional mandates,” she said.

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