Microsoft Takes Steps on Right-to-Repair Following Resolution

Global technology firm Microsoft has published a third-party study on the sustainability benefits of improving the repairability and circularity of its devices and products, as requested a shareholder resolution. For the seven devices studied, the study showed that repairing the product instead of device replacement can yield up to a 92% reduction in potential waste generation and GHG emissions. ‘Mail-to’ repair services offer the lowest GHG emissions, even over long distances, compared to other methods, such as consumers driving their own vehicles to repair facilities. The resolution was filed by US NGO As You Sow, but withdrawn after Microsoft agreed to take steps to increase consumers’ repair options by the end of 2022. “Microsoft has communicated that these findings have been embraced throughout the company, which is laudable, and signifies that successful implementation is more likely,” said Kelly McBee, waste program coordinator at As You Sow.

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