Investors Can Unlock Sustainable Food Systems

Investors need to better understand the impact of climate change on global food supplies that are already reeling from geopolitical shocks, according to a report from the Franklin Templeton Institute. “Over the coming decades, investors, asset managers and researchers will be increasingly focused on the challenge of feeding a growing global population in the midst of climate change, geopolitical shocks and uncertainty,” said Anne Simpson, Global Head of Sustainability. Finance will be needed to fund innovations, from improving traditional farming production to developing alternative proteins and building supply chain resilience. With food industry equities making up some 4% of global market capitalisation, there are opportunities for investors to help fund the global economy’s transition to a nature-positive economy, the report said. The global food system is responsible for 70% of global water use, more than 50% of biodiversity loss and more than 33% of greenhouse gas emissions, it added. 

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