Investors Call for ESG Innovation

ESG-labelled products and services are not innovative enough, according to a study by global investment manager Capital Group. The firm’s survey of 1,130 institutional and wholesale investors globally noted that 39% of respondents think that a lack of product innovation is holding back adoption of ESG. Further, 46% said there aren’t enough funds aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 47% noted that existing SDG-focused funds are prioritising environmental issues over social. Jessica Ground, Capital Group’s Global Head of ESG, said: “Our study finds investors want to support a broad range of ESG themes through their investment actions. We can see a more sophisticated and holistic approach to ESG developing, as investors evolve away from negative screening and divestment. In particular, ESG investors seek actively managed, diversified and dynamic solutions providing exposure to multiple themes and a variety of transitioning companies.”

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