Food-Focused Initiatives Publish Roadmap for Sustainable Transition

A new report has highlighted six innovative food-focused financial strategies that are supporting farmers, activists and entrepreneurs in their transition to more sustainable practices. Published by food systems initiatives Global Alliance for the Future of Food and Transformational Investing in Food System Initiative (TIFS), the report outlines key recommendations, including targeting fair and inclusive finance and returns, utilising existing resources to create self-reliant systems, building local processing infrastructure to create value for nearby farmers, investing in local agroecological knowledge, and mobilising financial, in-kind, and social investments to generate multiple returns. Rex Raimond, Director of the TIFS Initiative, said: “In recent years, there has been a vital transformation within the financial sector, driven by the Paris Agreement net zero commitment [and] the rapid growth of ESG investing […] While this progress is welcome, finance leaders must go further. This report calls on the investment community – impact investors, fund managers, public donors, and philanthropic grant-makers – to think in new and different ways about how to bring about the urgent, transformative change we need.” 

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