Finance for Biodiversity Evolves into NatureFinance

Think tank Finance for Biodiversity has rebranded as NatureFinance, with the aim of supporting alignment of the finance sector with equitable nature outcomes through the development of partnerships and solutions with financial market participants and policy makers.  Areas of focus range from sovereign debt markets to early-stage investor ecosytems, risk-related metrics, food system transition and anti-money laundering. NatureFinance also announced a Catalytic Investment Facility that will itself invest, and crowd in other investments in early-stage businesses that have the potential to shape tomorrow’s equitable, nature positive markets. With seed funding from the Mava Foundation, a philanthropic foundation which invests in people and nature to support nature conservation, the Facility is scheduled to rollout in 2023. Dr Simon Zadek, NatureFinance’s Executive Director, said: “Aligning global finance with a thriving, regenerated nature is a pre-condition for sustainable development. Tackling climate change and reversing nature’s endangered state needs a reset of the nexus between nature and finance in shaping tomorrow’s businesses and economies and the distribution of their economic benefits.” 

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