CDP to Adopt ISSB Climate Disclosure Standard

Non-profit environmental disclosure platform CDP will adopt the International Sustainability Standard Board’s (ISSB) climate-related disclosures standard (IFRS S2). CDP will incorporate the standard into questionnaires issued to companies annually on behalf of 680 financial institutions with over US$130 trillion in assets. The move will accelerate the adoption of IFRS S2 as a baseline standard for climate reporting, providing investors, and other stakeholders, access to corporate environmental information that is consistent, comprehensive, and comparable across geographies, as well as reducing the reporting burden on companies. CDP will provide the IFRS Foundation with access to data on disclosures made against the climate standard for monitoring uptake and implementation of the standards and pursuing their continuous improvement. Paul Dickinson, CDP’s Founder Chair, said: “CDP is uniquely positioned to scale the early adoption of the ISSB’s climate standard across the global economy. This will be critical in boosting corporate action and accountability, providing financial markets, governments and regulators with clear, comparable data to inform their decision making.” 

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