Big Tech Firms Score Poorly on Governance, Human Rights

The world’s largest tech companies are failing to sufficiently align their policies and practices with governance and human rights-based standards, according to the ‘2022 Big Tech Scorecard‘ published by Ranking Digital Rights (RDR), the independent research programme at policy think tank New America. The 14 assessed digital platforms were asked about more than 300 aspects of their company and service policies and practices, concerning issues such as data management and human rights. None of the companies earned a “passing grade”, the report said, noting that Twitter was “the top of a failing class” with a score of just 53 out of 100. “In short, their lackluster improvement shows that when it comes to aligning their policies and practices with human rights–based standards and their obligations under the UN Guiding Principles, companies are content to conduct business as usual when the state of the world demands anything but,” the report said. “If there’s one recommendation we have for every company we rank, it is: accelerate your efforts to develop and implement rights-respecting policies and practices across your operations.”

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