All Sectors Must “Accelerate Dramatically” to Limit Warming to 1.5°C

None of the power, buildings, industrial, transport, forests and land or food and agriculture sectors are currently on track to achieve emissions reduction 2030 targets, says the 2022 climate report card from the World Resources Institute’s Systems Change Lab. The report, written in partnership with companies including the Bezos Earth Fund, the NewClimate Institute and UN High-Level Climate Champions, assesses 40 indicators of the sectors which are estimated to account for up to 85% of global GHG emissions. Of these, six indicators are “off track”, 21 are “well off track” – both meaning they are “heading in the right direction” but at an insufficient pace, while five are “headed in the wrong direction”. More “encouraging signs” came from record-breaking adaption of solar and wind power, and an accelerating transition to electric vehicles. Niklas Höhne, NewClimate Institute’s Founder, said: “To decarbonise society, the share of zero-carbon sources in electricity generation must accelerate exponentially to tackle the climate crisis. This can only be achieved with a commensurate and rapid phase out of fossil power”. 

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