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Counting Down to COP26: Timeline for Policy and Regulatory Milestones

As we enter the final straight for governmental action on climate change ahead of the Glasgow summit, ESG Investor is listing some key dates for policy decisions and commitments.  




8 September: UK Department of Transport closes consultation on emissions guidelines for aviation  

The public consultation – Jet zero: our strategy for net zero aviation – outlines how to improve the efficiency of the aviation system by accelerating the deployment of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) and how to use markets to drive down emissions in the most cost-effective way. Consultations also ending this month cover: mandating the use of SAFs; ending the sale of new non-zero emission heavy goods vehicles; and a proposal for a CO2 emissions regulatory framework for all newly sold road vehicles. 


14 September: 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 

Leaders of all UN member states meet to discuss global challenges, including climate change, although this year’s assembly is expected to be scaled back due to concerns over the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19. 


20-26 September: Climate Week NYC 

Business and government leaders will demonstrate all climate-related progress they have made and outline plans for future action, such as making public climate commitments ahead of COP26. 


24 September: EU Taxonomy technical screening criteria consultation closes 

The European Commission’s Platform on Sustainable Finance has published draft recommendations for technical screening criteria that will define what sustainable activities fall under the six environmental objectives set out in the Taxonomy Regulation.   


27 September: Singapore Exchange Regulation disclosure requirements feedback period ends 

SGX RegCo’s consultation paper outlines how disclosure requirements for listed companies around climate risk and board diversity will be strengthened. 


27 September: US bipartisan Infrastructure Bill 

A recent party-line victory vote for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act means that the House must vote on the plan by 27 September, before the Democratic budget resolution takes place. The bill will commit US$550 billion to upgrading US roads, water and transport, ensuring that all infrastructures are more sustainable and mitigate future climate risk. US$7.5 billion will be used to build a national network of charging infrastructure for electric cars. 


27-29 September: Africa Climate Week 

Hosted by the Government of Uganda, Africa Climate Week takes the pulse of climate action in the region, tracking national action and economy-wide approaches, integrated approaches for further climate resilient development and taking advantage of further transformation opportunities.  


28 September: UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy (BEIS) closes consultation on sustainable electricity storage 

The public consultation – Facilitating the deployment of large-scale and long duration electricity storage – aims to incentivise storing excess renewable power to be discharged over periods in which natural production is affected. For example, using stored energy during periods of low wind.  


30 September – 3 October: Pre-COP 

The preparatory meeting gives ministers from a representative group of countries the opportunity to exchange views of key topics of negotiation that will be raised during the summit in November, aiming to find solutions before COP26 takes place.  




5-8 October: 30th meeting of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board 

The fund is led by developing countries, serving as a conduit for national climate action. The board will discuss current programming and implementation strategies for the fund, enabling members to ensure nationally determined contribution ambitions are reflected in GCF’s subsequent climate action.  


11-14 October: UN Biodiversity Conference 

The first half of the much-delayed UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Kunming, China, in order to begin the development of a global biodiversity standard. The second half will take place in spring 2022. 


12 October: Proposal for revising EU Energy Taxation Directive 

As part of the EU Green Deal package, the European Commission is consulting on suggested revisions to the Energy Taxation Directive. Suggestions include aligning taxation of energy products and electricity with EU energy and climate policies. 


12 October: UK BEIS Department consultation on vehicle-to-X energy technologies closes 

The consultation is calling for evidence to investigate the role that V2X technologies can play in a net-zero energy system. For example, V2X technologies could allow an electric vehicle to export the energy within its battery for another use, such as for a consumer’s home. 


15-17 October: Annual meeting of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF) 

This meeting is an opportunity for central bankers, ministers of finance, parliamentarians and private sector executives to discuss global issues, such as poverty eradication and economic developments. 


19 October: Global Investment Summit 

The UK will be hosting the Global Investment Summit to secure foreign investment from global executives and heads of major institutions in UK green industries of the future. 


30-31 October: G20 Leaders’ Summit 

The world’s major economies gather to discuss shared challenges, such as economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and addressing the risks posed by climate change. 


US SEC finalises climate-related disclosure framework 

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected to publish a finalised framework for public companies reporting climate-related risks following a consultation period earlier this year. 


International Sustainability Standards Board launch 

A new climate-first sustainability reporting standard is being developed by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and due to be launched before COP26. Securities regulators will be expected to require listed companies within their jurisdictions to comply with the standard, in line with existing regional legal and regulatory frameworks. 




1-12 November: COP26 

The 26th United Nations Climate Change conference will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, bringing global policymakers together to accelerate progress towards meeting Paris Agreement goals. 


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